Our Mission

Using movement and mindfulness to guide people to the realization that they have the capacity to take charge of their own wellbeing.

Our Vision

A Tribe of Movers who come together to inspire through their stories and challenges leading them to “make their move”. A virtual and physical space for collaboration, resources, and community outreach.

Making Moves Universal is a dynamic movement-based transformational program designed to help people move into a state of being that enhances healing and sustains vitality.

Dr. Niraj Mehta


Bringing ourselves to where the patients are – rather than having them figure it out themselves. We acknowledge and assess the whole-person through the five layers of the self (physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual) and allow the individual to engage in a conversation through their bodies. Our “intervention” takes place by meeting with them at different stages of communication while implementing a variety of activities that trigger the inner being and develop confidence & strength.

Dr. Niraj Mehta


From the healthcare space to your own home.

Our program with children and their caregivers take into consideration the unique struggles a family can encounter while navigating treatment and the negative stress that comes with it.

Dr. Niraj Mehta and group


Chronic illness and/or passive aging (named and unnamed) coupled with a lack of movement can lead to stagnation, stress, inflammation, and depression in the body and mind. Our program is divided into modules of “moves” and patient-centered & evidence-based integrative health strategies created in collaboration with various musical/dance styles and focused activities to induce a sense of belonging, connection, and purpose for the aging adult.

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