Dr. Mehta was awarded the American College of Radiation Oncology (ACRO) Best Fellowship Award for his “Fostering a Global Perspective of Oncology.” Dr. Mehta currently gives various talks and lectures both locally and internationally in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

As a radiation oncologist and professional choreographer, Dr. Mehta is the founder of Making Moves Universal (MMU), an international program/movement intending to combine the spirit of mindful movement and popular music to improve and transmute life situations for those with chronic illness – mental, emotional, spiritual and psychosocial — creating any aura of love, belonging, and purpose. MMU combines the physical benefits of movement with stress reduction as demonstrated in the science of psychoneuroimmunology. 

His major focus specifically in oncology is an integrated holistic approach, combining innovative health strategies with an emphasis on survivorship and functional medicine, detailing programs for movement strategies and restorative stress relief/multidisciplinary techniques for patients, loved ones and providers, including coaching the afflicted through transitions.

Dr. Niraj Mehta



Making Moves Universal will energize your mind, body, and soul for a healthier you and will empower you to take charge. Only YOU can make a difference in your life. After all, just like my shirt says: we are limited editions and Making Moves will keep us that way.

Nadine Rosario

How did I start making moves? Well, it was all pretty much numb for a long time along my life, but then I got a really shocking experience: I was 19 years old and I lost my mother, a breast cancer fighter. Her body might not have won the battle, but her spirit echoed in me. She was a strong spirit woman and always had a smile on her face despite the pain and what her body didn’t allow her to do. I then started getting to know myself and then noticing so many wonderful people around me who have taught me about going out there and be present in this world. We must LIVE our emotions…. Let them in and out.

Lizza Paz

I choose to live a life where I feel like I can do anything, even if I need a walker to get around. I may struggle through the class (Silver Sneakers) but I complete it and then show up again. No one else is going to do it for me.

Mr. Sheldon Allwood

Everything is connected and you can be aware of all the blessings you are receiving every day if you overpass the fear of opening the eyes of your soul and heart. I’d never been pleased with my body, I’d always compare myself with society standards and that lead me to a emotional and mental state where I’m never enough… this low self-stem perception has brought to my life insecurity, frustration, anger, sadness and I stopped loving myself and start dealing with the fact that I just had to accepted…. A couple of months ago after feeling that I had loose most of the dreams I had, I got to choose how to continue and I choose to star knowing me, accepting me, falling in love with my essence, my defects and my virtues… I start taking care of myself and being happy and grateful for the woman I’m turning into… MMU raise me in this search and for 90 minutes allowed me to connect with the princess Id had been and I’m starting to see, I felt free! My mind, my body, my emotions, the music… It was all connected into a move! Forever grateful! ONE DAY AT A TIME.

Crista Zelada

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