Dr. Niraj Mehta

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Dr. Mehta was awarded the American College of Radiation Oncology (ACRO) Best Fellowship Award for his “Fostering a Global Perspective of Oncology.” Dr. Mehta currently gives various talks and lectures both locally and internationally in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

As a radiation oncologist and professional choreographer, Dr. Mehta is the founder of Making Moves Universal (MMU), an international program/movement intending to combine the spirit of mindful movement and popular music to improve and transmute life situations for those with chronic illness – mental, emotional, spiritual and psychosocial — creating any aura of love, belonging, and purpose. MMU combines the physical benefits of movement with stress reduction as demonstrated in the science of psychoneuroimmunology. 

His major focus specifically in oncology is an integrated holistic approach, combining innovative health strategies with an emphasis on survivorship and functional medicine, detailing programs for movement strategies and restorative stress relief/multidisciplinary techniques for patients, loved ones and providers, including coaching the afflicted through transitions.

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Raj is also a choreographer and actor, well-versed in several different dynamic styles, including a special emphasis on both Bollywood, hip-hop and Latin fusion.

He has worked with such entertainers such as A.R. Rahman and been part of various groups such as Bollywood Step, Azucar Picante Entertainment, MTLA dancers (POP! A Michael Jackson Tribute), and most recently taught at the House of Movement in Miami, FL and has performed as part of a salsa team in FAMA Studios.

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